Traditional Godchild Gifts

Updated March 29, 2017

Godparents are responsible for mentoring a child's spiritual guidance throughout life. Although it is not a requirement, many godparents present their godchild with a gift to show their love and commitment to her spiritual development. Today, it is not uncommon for guests to present the child with toys or cash, but there are many traditional items to choose from to honour her baptism.

Children's Bible

As the role of a godparent involves nurturing your godchild's spiritual learning, a children's Bible is an appropriate and traditional gift that you can read together with the child as he matures. Select a children's edition that features bold colours and plenty of illustrations that help to highlight the important messages and meanings behind each story. For a personal touch, write a handwritten message about what it means to be his godparent in the sleeve. He may not understand it at present, but it will be something he comes to treasure as he grows older.


There are many jewellery items that feature religious symbols that make suitable baptism gifts for a child. Search for an item that features a cross or Saint Christopher pendant that will serve as a reminder of the importance of her faith as she matures. For an added personal touch, select an item that also features her birthstone. Highlight the symbolic bond between the two of you by also including your birthstone in the piece.


One of the most traditional baptism gifts and poignant reminders of the Christian faith is a cross. Select a cross that features engraved passages from the Bible or spiritual poetry. Crosses come in many forms, from a small trinket that can sit in a baptism memory box, to a larger wall hanging that can take pride of place on a nursery wall. There are a vast variety of cross styles to choose from both online and in retail gift stores.

Semi-precious Gifts

Speaking of christening etiquette in 1922, Emily Post wrote, "A silver mug, a porringer, or a knife, fork, and spoon, marked usually with the baby's name and that of the giver," as appropriate gifts for a baptism. Gifts made of semi-precious materials such as pewter, silver, china or other long lasting materials highlight the importance and commitment of your relationship. Purchase a silver moneybox to show that you care about the child's future financial security.

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