Cameras Compatible With the Polaroid Pogo

Updated June 15, 2017

The Polaroid Pogo is a portable digital camera and printer designed to be used for printing pictures directly from your digital camera, bypassing the computer or laptop you normally work with entirely. However, this means that the camera needs to be able to communicate with the Pogo, requiring you to check your whether your camera is compatible with the Polaroid Pogo printer or not.

Cell Phones

One of the most inovative features of the Polaroid Pogo is its ability to interact with most cell phones to produce prints. By using the "Send via Bluetooth" feature available in most of today's cell phones, you can send pictures from you cell phone's camera to your Polaroid Pogo printer. There is an important exception to this, however: Apple's iPhone is not compatible with the Polaroid Pogo. Though it has Bluetooth capabilities, it is not compatible with the process that Polaroid uses for communication with the Pogo.

PictBridge Enabled Cameras

Most cameras manufactured today are capable of using a communications protocol known as PictBridge. This protocol allows the camera to communicate directly with a printer that is also PictBridge enabled, bypassing the need for a computer or laptop to hand off the data from the camera to the printer. The Polaroid Pogo uses PictBridge as its exclusive communication method, so any camera that is PictBridge enabled can be used on the printer.

Canon Cameras

Canon uses the PictBridge software to communicate with its printers and has marketed PictBridge enabled cameras since the communications protocol was developed. To use the camera with the Polaroid Pogo, simply use a USB cable to plug the camera into the printer with the large end in the printer's PictBridge socket and the small end in the camera's USB socket. Turn both the camera and printer on and control the printing process from the camera's rear LCD screen.

Other Brands

Though Canon most throughly supports the PictBridge communications software and will continue to for some time, other cameras can also be used with the Polaroid Pogo, including those made by Nikon, Sony, FujiFilm, Casio, Kodak and Olympus. The process for using these cameras with the Pogo is much the same as the processes listed above: plug the camera into the printer using a USB cable and then use the camera to control the printing process. For a full list of cameras that are compatible with the Polaroid Pogo, check the link to Polaroid's website in the Resources section of this article.

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