Handmade Wooden Flutes That Double As Walking Sticks

Not all musical instruments are created equal. Most consumers expect their musical instrument to produce a crisp sound and be well made. Some musical instruments have multiple purposes. Handmade wooden flutes that double as walking sticks are viable examples of an instrument with multiple uses. Skilled woodworkers craft the flute by hand. You can purchase them from many craftsman. While styles, size and prices vary by craftsman, each is masterfully made and promises a clean, melodious sound.

Serenity Dark Bamboo Walking Stick Flute

The Serenity Dark Bamboo Walking Stick Flute is 48 inches long, but you can adjust it based on the height of the musician. The Walking Stick Flute is individually handcrafted and it produces a clean sound. The walking stick flute has 6 holes drilled in the middle of the walking stick. Serenity allows its consumers to customise their walking stick flute by inscribing names or dates down the base of the walking stick. Serenity's bamboo walking stick flutes have a starting price point of £31 at the time of this publication, and could increase depending upon the style you select and if you choose to have the flute personalised.

The Starry Night Walking Flute

The "Starry Night"' Walking Flute is another example of a handmade walking stick that doubles as a flute. "Erik the Flutemaker," who has over 39 years of experience and has made over 150,000 flutes, crafted the "Starry Night" flute by hand. He created it with intricate detail. It costs £142 at the time of this publication.

Sweetheart Walking Stick Flute

The Sweetheart Walking Stick Flute, made from maple wood, measures 36 inches long. Mirrored after the walking flute housed at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Sweetheart Walking Stick Flute costs £217 at the time of this publication.

The Kokopelli Hiker Walking Flute

The Kokopelli Hiker Walking Flute is a more rustic version of the walking stick flute. The Kokopelli Hiker Walking Flute, made of hemlock wood, measures 55 inches long. This walking flute has a starting price point of £97 at the time of this publication.

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