Mini Bales of Hay for Arts & Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

For crafting beginners or pros, miniature bales of hay are a fun addition to seasonal projects. Paired with a scarecrow, attached to a wreath or arranged in a tabletop tableau, a bale of hay elicits fond images of harvest, cooling temperatures and rolling farmland. And with easy accessibility, hay or straw bales are fun for kids and adults alike.

Craft Supply: Miniature Bales of Hay

Whether you prefer online retailers or local craft stores, small bales of hay are easily procured for your project. Available in a versatile range of sizes, they vary from just a couple of inches long to 1 or 2 feet long, making it easy to adjust scale and find just what you need. Crafting supply mini hay bales have the benefit of being uniform, for grouping together in your project or for creating identical crafts. The only downside is that same uniformity can look generic or prefabricated without distinct embellishment.

Farmer's Sources: Genuine Miniature Hay Bales

Consult a local farm or browse farmers' websites if you are interested in real hay bales -- just smaller -- for crafting purposes. With rustic appeal, these genuine bales of hay or straw are authentic and bear some slight variations. Straight-from-the-farm miniature bales also bring the satisfaction of supporting independent farmers. Depending on your use for them, remember to watch out for allergies: crafted straight from the field from alfalfa, straw or other materials, they can aggravate seasonal flare-ups.

Make Your Own: Miniature Bales of Hay

Fashion your own small bale of hay or straw as an additional personal touch to your craft project. Using straw or hay along with twine, wire or raffia, form a rectangular bale by placing your material in a shoebox, juice box or other container, whatever size you prefer. Pack it tightly and wrap it securely with string or wire. If you want to make a large quantity, consider purchasing a mini bailer to speed your process.

Craft Uses: Miniature Hay Bales

Use miniature hay bales in a variety of ways in your home, as part of projects for craft shows, or in kids' crafts. Affix small bales to autumn wreaths or John Deere wreaths, along with fall leaves, tractor ribbon or plush pumpkins. Place small bales as part of a 4-H centrepiece with toy tractors. For country wedding decorations or favours, use miniature bales of hay tied with ribbon to serve as a place setting. Glue small hay bales to plain wooden bookends for rustic farmhouse bookshelves. Make your front porch festive for fall by tossing a country quilt over small bales of hay with gourds perched on top.

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