Medieval Wedding Day Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Stray from the traditional black and white formal weddings and create a Medieval atmosphere for your day of nuptials. Adapt customs, culture and flair from the Medieval and Renaissance period for your wedding day with costumes, decorations and dark-coloured apparel. Encourage guests to come in costume as well.

Location and Apparel

Search for a venue with a Gothic or Renaissance flair to the architecture, decor and styling to avoid having to purchase additional Medieval decor. Look for castle-like stone architecture, ivory and wood accents and stained glass windows in your ceremony and reception venue. Encourage the groomsmen to wear knight tunics, and the groom to wear an armour suit from a costume store. Go to a bridal shop specialising in Renaissance clothing and look for dresses with gold or silver braided ribbon accents or floor-length and long-sleeve dresses in the traditional regal hunter green or burgundy. In lieu of a traditional veil, wear an ivy wreath with cascading ribbons matching your wedding colours.


Adorn your centrepieces, gift table and cake table with greenery such as ivy (traditional to Medieval design). Lean small crests against black wrought-iron freestanding or pedestal-like candelabras for centrepieces. In lieu of the black iron candelabra centrepieces, incorporate baskets full of fresh flowers surrounded by chunky wooden candle holders for guest tables. Use flower garlands on iron or wooden poles to adorn the venue entrance. When speaking to the florist about bouquets and floral design, use bold-coloured stems with birch twigs and holly branches.

Food and Drink

Consider only allowing the "royalty" or head and parents tables to use silverware, and allowing the guests to use their hands to eat just as they did during the Medieval ages. Plan with the catering company to roast a whole pig with an apple in its mouth to be presented to the bridal couple before dinner is served. Serve soup in a bowl that can be held for sipping and hand-held food such as ribs, half-potatoes, pastries and chicken. Transform your wedding cake into a Medieval masterpiece by abiding by the common architecture and design elements for the time period. Ask the bakery representative to use ivy and fruit to adorn your cake or create sugar flowers in deep colours.

Wedding Favors

Insert candy favours such as gold-covered chocolate coins into a dark-coloured velvet bag. Tie the bag closed with gold roping and attach a handwritten scroll that includes a love poem or wedding blessing from the Renaissance period to each velvet favour bag. Another Medieval wedding favour option is to give each guest a mason jar of homemade honey.

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