Brie Sandwich Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Brie is probably the best-known variety of French cheese available around the world. It is a semi-soft cheese that can be spread on items such as crackers and bread. It is creamy in texture and slightly pungent, but rather mild compared to many other types of French cheeses. Brie can be used as a delicious ingredient in sandwiches because its mild flavour blends well with many other ingredients.


Choose your favourite type of bread for a sandwich made with Brie cheese, but if you do not have a favourite consider a few delicious options. A French baguette provides a crusty outside and soft interior for your sandwich. If you are making your sandwich with ham or another meat, consider using rye or another hearty bread that will stand up to the rich flavours. Challah bread toasts well and provides an eggy contrast to the creamy cheese and other ingredients in your sandwich.


If you decide against a vegetarian sandwich, add meat to your Brie sandwich for protein and flavour. Brie goes well with roasted and sliced chicken or turkey as well as roast beef, prosciutto, bacon and ham. Choose meat that will work with other ingredients that you decide to put on the sandwich, such as fruit, fruit preserves or vegetables. The meat can be a main component in the sandwich if you use more than the amount of Brie, or can be used to add a bit of flavour if you use a small amount.

Fruit and Vegetables

The flavour of Brie goes extremely well with fruit and vegetables. Use sliced apples to provide a tangy flavour with the Brie and meats such as chicken and turkey. Fruit preserves including fig, peach and apricot help balance the saltier flavours of ham and bacon. Roast beef can be layered with fresh lettuce and sliced tomatoes on a cold sandwich. Avocado and sprouts are a tasty complement to turkey and Brie. Place fruit or vegetables in a Brie sandwich without meat for a variety of delicious vegetarian options.

Cooking Techniques

Brie sandwiches are best served cold or grilled. Sandwiches with ingredients such as lettuce, avocado or raw tomatoes are often better cold because those ingredients become mushy when cooked. Other ingredients, such as most meats and fruits, are delicious when pan-grilled with butter or simply a grill pan. This is a twist on the classic grilled cheese, but using Brie adds a gourmet twist to the sandwiches you ate as a child.

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