Creative Ideas for Under the Stairs

Updated February 21, 2017

Using the area under the stairs adds precious space to your home. The area often goes unused because of its odd shape and the difficulty of finding ready-made furniture that will work in it; you will have to customise pieces to fit. You can use the area for handy storage or incorporate it into the decor of the adjacent room.


In a living area or family room, the area under the stairs can transform into bookshelves thanks to custom-built shelves. With the right angles on the bookshelves, you can use every inch of available space under the stairs. You can also build the staircase with the bookshelves incorporated into it. When you install the bookshelves, the storage area is ready to be filled with books.

Storage Drawers

Staircase units can also include a set of drawers for extra storage. The drawers can store extra linens and blankets or a winter wardrobe. You can build the unit into the area under the stairs as well. Drawers are a neat method for storing items under the stairs. While cubbies provide storage, the items are visible to all. Storage drawers allow you to close the drawers and keep your extra belongings out of sight.

Home Office

A small computer table and chair can slide right into the area under the stairs. If you don't have the space in your house for a home office, a small nook under the stairs can provide the space you need. You can also install a comfortable chair and floor lamp for a quiet place to read.


Some homeowners use the area under the stairs to install a flat-panel television and entertainment system. This frees up the rest of the room for furnishings and seating. In a basement home theatre or family room, install the television in the small space and arrange the seating around the stairs.

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