Boy Scout Games & Meeting Activities for Indoors

Written by krystal miller
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Boy Scout Games & Meeting Activities for Indoors
Boys can use balloons to create a scout activity or game for a meeting. (George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

The Boy Scouts of America teaches young boys about leadership, teamwork and values. When planning a Boy Scout meeting, you can create indoor games for the boys to play. Games will bring the boys closer together and teach them how to work together as a team. Encourage the boys to try their best and play along by awarding small prizes to each game winner.

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Yarn Games

Divide the boys into two teams. Give one player on each team a ball of yarn and a metal washer. When you say "Go!" the boy with the yarn and washer must hold one end of the yarn. He must pass the ball of yarn to the next player in the circle and put the metal washer on the yarn. Each player must grab a piece of yarn. The boys must keep the washer and string moving around the circle. When it gets to the end, the boys must roll the yarn around the washer while passing it back to the start. The first team to finish wins the race. For a variation, have the boys play as one team and try to beat their best time each time they play.

Quiz Games

Create a quiz for the Boy Scouts with questions about merit badges and creeds. Give each boy a sheet of paper and a pencil to answer the questions you call out. Example questions include, "Scouts must know gunwhale, painter and J-stroke for this merit (Canoeing)" and "What is the scout slogan? (Do a good turn daily)." The boy who answers the most questions correctly wins the game. For another variation, divide the boys into teams. They boys can work together to come up with the correct answers. The team with the most correct answers wins the game.

Food Games

Mark a starting line and a run-to line 15 feet apart. Place a table with a package of saltine crackers on it at the run-to line. Divide the boys into two teams. When you say, "Race!" the first boy in each team line must race to the table and eat a cracker. After he eats the cracker, he must whistle. As soon as he whistles, he can run back to tag the next player in line who must do the same thing. The first team to finish wins the race. For a messy food game, have the boys sit around a table and place their hands behind their back. Place a plate with a piece of bubblegum covered in whipped cream in front of each boy. The first player to find the gum, chew it up and blow a large bubble wins the game.

Balloon Games

Ask the boys to sit in a circle. Inflate balloons and write scout messages on slips of paper to place in each balloon. Some examples include "Recite the Scout Oath," "Name three items needed for a fire" and "What is the Scout Motto?" Give one balloon to the boys and have them pass it around the circle. The leader will blow a whistle at anytime. The player holding the balloon when he blows the whistle must take the balloon to the middle of the circle and pop the balloon. He must answer the question or do what the message says. Make this into a game by awarding a point to each player for a correct answer. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize.

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