Hamster Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you are showing appreciation for your pet or classroom hamster, learning about rodents or substituting a faux hamster in lieu of purchasing a live one, creating a hamster craft may be the project to occupy your time. Use regular household supplies and items from the craft store to make a hamster family and their home. Your children could have hours of fun playing with their faux hamsters and you won't have to remind them to feed the pets.

Paper Crafts

With a paper plate, construction paper, some crayons or paint and a wooden craft stick, you can create a hamster mask. Cut two 2-inch semicircles from tan construction paper and glue them 5 inches apart on the rim of the plate as ears. Colour facial features on the plate and add enlarged bucked teeth. Cut eye openings with a pair of scissors or a craft knife. and glue or tape a wooden craft stick for the mask handle.

You can also create a paper hamster by drawing a 2-inch round paper circle with ears and a 3-inch round circle body with four legs. Colour both pieces to look like a hamster and cut them out. Attach them together with a brad paper fastener.

Hand-Held Projects

Using fast drying craft glue or a hot glue gun, adhere two googly eyes, a very small pink craft pom and two 1/4-inch fabric semicircles to a much larger 2 or 3-inch craft pom to create a handheld hamster. Separate the fluff when gluing the facial features and ears to the large pom so the glue can be hidden from view. Adapt the activity by making a mother and father hamster for the previously created baby hamster. Glue a 1-inch craft pom to a 3-inch craft pom of the same colour as the head and body before adhering the facial features.

Hamster Accessories

Make a ball and cage for your craft hamster to "play" in. Connect two rounded gumball toy globe tops together around a pom hamster by hot-gluing the opening of the two semicircle lids. To make a faux hamster cage, sandwich two aluminium can shipping boxes that are 2 inches high or less between vertically adhered wooden craft sticks stuck to the box edges with hot glue. Cut a 4-inch square hole in the top box, only cutting three sides of the square and folding the last side back as a hinge, to get your hamster in and out.

Recycled Crafts

Use an empty toilet paper tube as the body for your recycled hamster by covering it with faux fur. Draw a hamster head and four legs on a piece of printer paper, colour the pieces and cut them out. Glue the head to one end of the tube. Adhere the two front legs to the sides just under the head and the hind legs toward the bottom.

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