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Updated February 21, 2017

Ticketmaster is your gateway to seeing popular events like sporting events, musicals, concerts and plays. Buy tickets online, in person at a retail store or box office or over the phone by calling 800-745-3000. If there's an event coming to your town, you can probably buy tickets through Ticketmaster.

Take Note and Refresh Often

Pay attention to when tickets are going to go on sale. If there is a show or concert you want to see, but tickets aren't for sale yet, Ticketmaster will list the time when you can buy tickets under the event title, date and show location. Fridays, Saturdays and Monday's at 10 a.m. is the most common time when tickets go on sale. When tickets go on sale, refresh your Internet's browser every two to three seconds until you see the "Look for Tickets" button. If you refresh any faster, Ticketmaster will actually block your computer from accessing its website for a few minutes. This is TicketMaster's way of blocking automated programs from using the website. When tickets do go on sale, move fast. The fewer the tickets you are looking to purchase, the more likely you are to getting seats.


Creating an account with actually speeds up the buying process and could prevent good seats from being snatched away from you because you moved too slow. If there's a popular event you want to buy tickets for and know tickets will sell fast, register for an account beforehand. You can store your credit card information, billing and mailing addresses and other personal information on the site to speed up the checkout process. When you register, you also have the option of printing tickets at home from your own computer, saving you money in the long run.

Buy Online

Buy tickets from Ticketmaster either in store, over the phone or online. If you try to buy tickets in person or over the phone, you are going to have to wait in some sort of line. If you opt to purchase tickets online, you can do it from the comfort of your home if you have a computer and Internet connection. You have no additional advantage to getting better tickets if you go to a retail location, box office or call ahead. Tickets sold online are the same tickets available online. Everyone is competing for the best seats and using the same system, so buying tickets at home online makes sense.

Keep Looking

If tickets are sold out for a particular event, check back often. Ticketmaster sometimes releases additional tickets up to the day of the event for various reasons. You can score some really good seats by just waiting. What is sold at a later time varies. Check daily. If you wait until you hear about more tickets being sold from another source, it may be too late because word is already out and someone may have already nabbed tickets that could have been yours if you were persistent.

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