Ideas of Turtle Models

Written by kim durant
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Ideas of Turtle Models
Turtles can often be spotted basking on rocks. ( Images)

Turtles are compelling and unusual creatures because many can retreat inside their shells. They range in size from thumb-sized to 318kg. or more, and they come in a plethora of patterns and colours. Whether you are making a model of a specific turtle species as part of a school project or if you are modelling a turtle for a sculpture or biological illustration class, consider the many modelling medium possibilities available to you.

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Cake Turtle

Craft a turtle model out of cake and cupcakes for an unusual -- and tasty -- twist on your model project. Create a turtle body using a round cake pan. Alternately, bake a cake with a rectangular pan and trim the rectangle into a more turtle-like shape. Add a head, tail and legs of the turtle to the main cake body using cupcakes or trimmed-off pieces of cake and frosting as glue. Frost the turtle cake with frosting tinted the colours of the turtle species you are modelling.

Clay Model

Make a model turtle with clay if you are working on an art or biological illustration project and need to be able to sculpt more exact details than, say, pastry would allow. Start with a specific turtle species in mind because different turtles have different sizes and shell shapes. The painted turtle, for example, is relatively small with a somewhat flat shell, while a sea turtle is large and has a more rounded shape. If the turtle you are modelling is small, consider making your clay model life-size.

Ideas of Turtle Models
A clay turtle model should be fired before it is painted. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Paper Mache Model

Craft a paper mache model of a turtle if you want to make a life-size model of a large turtle species, like sea turtles, without having to use 22.7 Kilogram of clay, or if you want to make your model lightweight enough to suspend easily from a ceiling. First, make a base for the turtle model using an assemblage of differently sized balloons taped together with masking tape. Cover the model with newspaper strips wetted with a paper mache glue mixture. Let it dry. Pop the balloons with pins and paint the resulting hollow model.

Fabric Model

Sew a stuffed turtle model if you are making the model for an art project rather than a serious scientific endeavour -- or if you relish the challenge of sewing an anatomically accurate stuffed animal. Make your own pattern based on a specific turtle species. Obtain fabric that roughly approximates the skin and shell colours found on that species and sew the turtle using your pattern. Add embellishments like plastic eyes and fabric paint touches to make the markings on the shell true to life.

Ideas of Turtle Models
Make a turtle out fabric. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

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