Fancy Ways to Display Fudge for a Sale

Updated November 21, 2016

Whatever you are selling, you want to unload as much of your product as possible. With food items, like fudge, you should display the fudge pieces or bars so that customers can't miss them and can't resist them. Creativity, colour and flourish will draw in customers and make your sale a success.

Use Multiple Levels

Using risers or different levelled platforms or serving trays will give a sale table a dynamic look and draw customers over. Put a fresh, clean tablecloth on your display table, then place risers, cake stands or multilayered appetizer stands cleverly around the entire table. Make stands go in a snaking pattern, put tall risers in the back of the table and shorter ones in the front or alternate short and tall risers or stands. Bring extra tablecloths and surround risers with linens to give your table a banquet look.


Employ servers, friends or yourself to work the sale by handing out small, free pieces of fudge displayed on a silver platter or modern white ceramic tray. Make sure whoever is serving the fudge is well dressed in all black, in black trousers and a white shirt or a dress that is appropriate for the event. To keep fingers off the fudge, place each piece in a white paper candy cup.

Cookie Cutters

Use cookie cutters to make your pieces of fudge into fancy shapes like flowers, birds, hearts or fish. Wrap fudge in multiple colours of cling film and even draw details on the cling film with marker if you wish. Display your fudge in a whimsical way by making bouquets of flowers or a large school of fish. Enhance your theme with the real thing by putting fresh flowers on your table, using a bird-themed tablecloth or decorating with paper hearts.

Sophisticated Packaging

Show your customers the beautiful packages they will be receiving by displaying fancy boxes suitable for taking fudge home in. Purchase customised cupcake holders in different colours or have see-through windows in the boxes. Tie a silver ribbon around each box. In larger boxes with see-through lids, put individually wrapped fudge bars in different coloured cling film for an exciting-looking package.

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