Types of Satin Material

Updated April 17, 2017

Satin is fabric produced by using a specific method of weaving lightly twisted yarn. Extremely smooth to the touch, it can be susceptible to wear and tear, due to its intricate weaving method. Satin originates from China were it was originally produced from silk yarns. However, in modern times, man-made fibres, such as rayon are commonly used. Satin is often used in wedding dresses, luxurious bed sheets & pillowcases and lingerie.

Antique Satin

Antique satin, sometimes also called shantung silk, is a plain weave fabric woven with yarns of various thickness, thus giving it a textured feel. On one side the fabric appears glossy, while the other side appears dull. No longer exclusively woven from silk, antique satin is often woven from rayon and acetate. The yarns used in production are coloured into different shades, giving the fabric an iridescent appearance and making it a very popular fabric used in the production of dresses and suits.

Duchess Satin

Duchess satin, also referred to as silk duchess satin, is a medium-weight luxurious fabric, most often used in wedding dresses. Constructed with a double weaving method using a high thread count, the fabric has a sophisticated sheen on the surface and even though it feels very smooth, has a lot of structure to it, making it ideal for dresses. The most luxurious version of this fabric uses silk, however synthetic fabric mixes can also be used to achieve the same look of the fabric, but with a lower cost.

Crepeback Satin

Crepeback satin, sometimes abbreviated to crepe satin, is a reversible two-faced fabric.One side of the fabric is silk and the other side crepe. Because it's woven with tightly twisted yarns in the filling direction, it creates a crepe effect. This means the appearance of the fabric can be either shiny or dull. The advantage of crepeback satin is that both sides can be utilised, resulting in many possible end uses for the fabric. In addition to clothing, crepeback satin can be used to make table cloths, blankets or curtains.

Silk Satin

Silk satin is the most luxurious of all the satin fabrics. Made completely out of silk thread or yarn, it is lightweight, very shimmery and can be dyed into many brilliant colours. As a garment fabric, silk satin allows the skin to breathe, thus it is very comfortable to wear. For this reason, silk satin is a popular fabric in lingerie and sleepwear. Utmost care must be taken in the care of silk satin, and it should be only professionally dry cleaned.

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