Aladdin Cake Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

The story of Aladdin and the genie in the magic lamp is a Middle Eastern folk tale told in "One Thousand and One Arabian Nights." The story was popularised for children in Disney's animated film, "Aladdin." The various versions of the classic story offer many whimsical elements that you can incorporate into a celebration cake, whether it's for a child's birthday or a themed party.


Bake a sheet cake and cut it into the shape of a genie. Do this by drawing the outline of a genie on a piece of poster board. Cut it out, and place the template on top of the cooled, unfrosted cake. Trim the cake so that it is the same shape as the template. Frost the cake with blue or green frosting, and draw the genie's features with gel frosting or regular frosting piped through a small hole made in the corner of a plastic bag. Place strips of fruit leather on top of the icing to represent the genie's turban and cummerbund. Scrunch a length of grey tulle around the perimeter of the cake to represent smoke surrounding the magical genie.


Aladdin's lamp is often depicted as a short, squat oil lamp. Trim a regular sheet cake into the shape of an oil lamp, or simply draw an oil lamp on top of the cake with frosting. Another idea is to bake cupcakes, top them with yellow frosting and arrange them on the table in such a way that together they form the shape of an oil lamp. For a different approach, place an actual or toy oil lamp next to the cake. Trim the cake's edges so that it looks like a cloud with one thin wisp extending toward the mouth of the lamp. Write a message on the cake, such as "Make a Wish," as if it is coming from the genie inside the lamp.

Emperor's Palace

Aladdin meets and falls in love with the emperor's daughter, so make their palace by starting with a double-layer sheet cake. Bake three more cylinder-shaped cakes by baking the batter in tin cans, two small and one large. Place the large cylindrical cake in the middle of the sheet cake to represent a tall tower. Place the two smaller cylindrical cakes on the two front corners for pillars. Frost the entire cake in white. Make crispy rice treats and, while they are still warm, shape them into domes that come to a point at the top. Make two small domes and one large dome for each tower. Stick gold-wrapped chocolate kisses around the cake to look like mini domes. Add figurines or laminated printouts of characters from the story.

Magic Carpet

In Disney's version of the story, one of Aladdin's trusty companions is a magic carpet. Decorate a regular rectangular sheet cake to look like a magic carpet. Trim a gentle wave into the long edges of the cake. Frost the cake using rich colours like deep purples, blues greens and yellows. Using gel frosting, draw an intricate design on the cake to represent brocade or tapestry fabric. Use a generous amount of yellow frosting to make tassels at each of the cake's four corners. Another idea is to make puffy clouds with white frosting around the perimeter of the cake to suggest that the carpet is flying.

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