Bbc: "dinosaur world" games

Written by tasos vossos | 13/05/2017

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) "Dinosaur World" games are a series of interactive applications and quizzes based on the prehistoric era. The player can assume the role of a palaeontologist trying to solve the mysteries of that epoch or control a dinosaur struggling to survive. The main "Dinosaur World" 3-D game is a downloadable application. The other games are free online.

Dinosaur World

"Dinosaur World" is based on the TV series "Walking with Dinosaurs." It is set in a landscape based on scientific research on what dinosaur territory should have looked like. The challenge is to spot the right dinosaurs and plants that belong to your surrounding area. Do not expect battles with infuriated dinosaurs or suspenseful escape sequences. The game is focused on exploring and learning through observation.

Fakes and Mistakes

"Fakes and Mistakes" is a quiz game. The player is shown pictures of fossils or prehistoric items and must decide if they are genuine or frauds. Some answers are simple. For example, it's easy to say the cave drawing of a man with a shopping trolley is not prehistoric art found in the Yorkshire Dales. However, for most questions, you need to have some awareness of fossils and an eye for detail to get the answers right.

Big Al Game

The player assumes the role of a baby Allosaurus who must be directed to food. The more Al eats, the larger he gets.The early targets are tiny creatures like centipedes and flies. As Al grows, he can attack larger creatures, starting with lizards and scorpions. If you take too long to find food, Al's energy and stamina decrease dramatically. Al has to be kept away from larger species; they will eat him. A small Al can also become a victim of the strong currents of the river.

Skeleton Jigsaws

The goal of "Skeleton Jigsaws" is to build a skeleton out of the separate bones scattered randomly on the right side of the screen. All bones start out brown, but turn white when you place them in the correct position. When all bones are in place, the creature comes to life. Drag the bones over the timer to reveal its name.

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