Bumps Around the Mouth of My Red-Nosed Bull Terrier

Updated February 21, 2017

Red-nosed bull terriers are increasingly popular dogs because of their strong loyalty and protective instincts. These medium to large-sized dogs have short hair, a large snout and brown or rust-coloured noses. Many of these dogs have pale skin. This, combined with their short hair, leaves them susceptible to skin infections and bumps around their mouths. These bumps are usually caused by a minor ailment, but to treat the symptom, owners need to know its cause.


People frequently forget that dog skin is susceptible to sun damage. Bull terriers are especially prone to these ailments because their short hair provides them only minimal protection from the sun. Some red-nosed bull terriers may have partially bald snouts, which makes sunburn likely around the mouth. These burns can blister, resulting in red, irritated bumps. Treat the sunburn by applying aloe vera to the affected area and minimising exposure to direct sunlight during the summer months. Many pet stores carry dog sunblock. Apply this to your dog's snout to prevent future sunburns.

Canine Acne

Dogs, like people, can get acne, and bull terriers are especially susceptible to this skin condition. In most cases, canine acne is actually caused by the strain of the herpes virus that causes cold sores in people. A veterinarian can treat the symptoms but the virus itself will never go away. Be careful when kissing your dog if your dog has canine acne. Though it's unlikely, it is possible for dogs to transmit cold sores to people.

Skin Infection

If the sores are swollen and oozy, or if your dog is compulsively scratching them, it may be a skin infection. Plastic dog bowls tend to harbour a lot of bacteria that can easily infect your dog's mouth. Consult a veterinarian to determine the exact cause of the infection. She likely will prescribe an antibiotic and may advise you to make some changes in your dog's lifestyle to minimise the possibility of a future infection.


Dogs can develop allergies to a variety of substances, including household chemicals, food, dust and other animals. Bumps around a bull terrier's mouth are commonly caused by food. If you have recently switched your dog's food, check to see if the new food contains pork or grains, which are a common allergen for dogs. Take your dog to a veterinarian to test for allergies. A veterinarian can advise you about foods that will not cause allergic reactions in your dog.

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