What Can Get the Mold and Mildew Out of a Plastic Bath Mat?

Helping to eliminate slips and falls in the shower, plastic bath mats lie along the bottom of the bathtub and provide extra protection against accidents. Unfortunately, the constant dampness on the bath mat provides positive growing conditions for mould and mildew. If not removed, the mould and mildew will stain the mat and leave an unsightly slippery film on the surface.

Before Cleaning

Check for cleaning instructions printed on the bath mat. If cleaning instructions are present, follow them before continuing with alternative cleaning methods.

Take the plastic bath mat outside and use a water hose to rinse surface debris off both the top and bottom of the mat. Hang the bath mat in a well-ventilate area to dry after you have thoroughly cleaned it with one of the mould and mildew removal methods.

Dish Soap

The same product used to get your dishes sparkling clean with remove the fungus and leave the plastic bath mat from dirt and grime. Pour 1 gallon of lukewarm water in a 5-gallon bucket. Add 1/4 cup of dish soap to the water and stir vigorously with a whisk until suds appear. Submerge a soft-bristle scrub brush in the soapy water and begin scrubbing the mould and mildew off the plastic bath mat. Rinse the bath mat clean with the water hose.


According to Good Housekeeping microbiologist Gina Marino, vinegar reduces mould and mildew by 90 per cent. Since vinegar is all natural and non-toxic, it is safe to use and will not harm people, pets or plants. Furthermore, vinegar will remove any odours trap in the plastic bath mat. Dampen a clean sponge in undiluted white vinegar and scrub the mould and mildew off the plastic bath mat. Let the vinegar sit on the mat for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing clean with a water hose. Repeat the process until you have removed all traces of the fungus.


A versatile and natural product, borax is hydrated sodium borate will naturally clean various items in your home. It will also remove unsightly mould and mildew from plastic bath mats. Wet a sponge with cool, running water and sprinkle a liberal amount of borax on the sponge. Begin scrubbing the mould and mildew with the borax and sponge for several seconds. Let the borax sit on the bath mat for 10 minutes before rinsing it clean with a water hose. Continue in this manner until you have removed the mould and mildew from the bath mat.


To help prevent future mould and mildew growth, wipe the bath mat dry after each use. If possible, remove the bath mat from the bathtub when not using and dry with a towel. Roll the bath mat up and store in a dry location until needed.

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