Funny Fortune-Telling Ideas

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Funny Fortune-Telling Ideas
Light-hearted fortune games can add fun to a party. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Fortune telling doesn't always have to be serious. It can be a fun way to liven up a party, and is especially popular at Halloween. There are many traditional fortunetelling techniques, some now considered quite obscure and usually just practised as games. Hosts can adapt ideas to personalise the predictions for their guests, giving the fortunes a more realistic feel.

Candle Fortune Telling

Candle divining gives a participant a general prediction about his future. The player dons a blindfold, while the fortune teller positions and lights 3 candles of different colours. The participant spins around 3 times, ending facing the table. He then blows out one candle, and the colour of his chosen candle determines his fate. Pink signifies romance in the near future, green means money and orange predicts that he will go on a trip.

Fortunes Using Apples

Using apples traditionally tells a participant who he is going to marry, and can work in a variety of ways. The player bobs for an apple in a tub of water. Later that night, he places the apple under his pillow and should dream of his future partner. An alternative is to eat the apple at midnight. The participant stands with his back to a mirror, looking over his left shoulder. The image of his future wife should materialise in the glass. During a party, a participant could peel his apple into a spiral, and toss the peel over his shoulder. An initial should form, symbolising someone important in his life.

Hidden Objects

The host of a party can hide objects around the house, with tags telling the guests their fortune. For example, a penny could mean wealth; a ring, marriage; and a feather, good health. The host shouldn't tell the guests about the hidden items unless they don't find any after an extended period of time.

Walnut Boats

An atmospheric game involves placing a candle in the empty shells of walnuts. With the lights turned off, guests float their boats in a tub of water. Within each half-shell the guests place their names, and the action of the boat predicts their future. If two boats sail together, these people will share a future; while drifting apart signals detachment. Clustering shells means togetherness, while boats staying alone suggests solitariness. Candles that extinguish indicate the named person will never marry, while those that capsize imply general bad luck.

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