Ideas for Centerpieces Using the Monopoly Game

Updated July 20, 2017

Monopoly is one of the most popular and recognisable board games, having sold more than 275 million games worldwide. Its colourful board and variety of cards, bills and pieces make it a versatile display piece. Use a Monopoly game board or a decoration made from Monopoly pieces as a centrepiece to add a lighthearted tone to your party or event.


A Monopoly game centrepiece is a bold choice that will promote a casual and fun atmosphere. It is ideal for a child's birthday party or any event with a board game theme. Board game centrepieces are popular at informal weddings where guests can play the games during downtime. It's appropriate for other events where guests are encouraged to talk and interact, such as family reunions or meet-and-greets. A Monopoly game centrepiece would also be appropriate for an investors' luncheon or other financial or business-related event.


Arrange the Monopoly board in the centre of the table, and place the pieces around it. Raise the board by placing it on top of the Monopoly box or another decorated box. Set helium-filled balloons attached to a decorative weight in the middle of the board to add a festive touch. If guests will play the game, make packets for each person that contain a character mover and money, and place the packets around the balloon weight. Another idea is to use the pieces to make a homemade decoration. Simply stuffing the money, houses and cards into a large clear vase or hurricane makes a colourful centrepiece for a financial meeting. Use various pieces to spell out words on the table that are related to the event.

Customised Boards

Add a personal touch by purchasing a customised Monopoly board game and using it as a centrepiece. Order your game board from, the official site, or another retailer, such as Customisation allows you to add logos and replace names of places on the board and cards with the names of your co-workers or friends. Customise a board for each table, using the names of those who will be seated there. Another idea is to purchase a Monopoly board with a different theme for each table. Let people sit at the table with the theme that most closely represents their interests. For example, someone who likes cartoons may sit at the table with the Disney edition.


Since Monopoly is a board game, and board games have winners, plan a way in which guests can win the game board from their table. The easiest solution is to let each person at the table play Monopoly, and the person in the lead after 20 minutes of play gets to keep the game. Another idea is to challenge guests to a silly stunt. This works well for kids or family groups. See who can balance a character mover (like the iron, thimble or race car) on his nose the longest.

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