Candy Poster Ideas for Birthdays

Updated July 19, 2017

A candy poster board is a yummy alternative to more traditional birthday cards. Candy posters are poster boards that are decorated with candy or candy bars and convey a message or image revolving around a theme such as a birthday. These posters can be given as a gift or used as a decoration at a birthday party. A trip down the candy aisle or to the sweetshop should yield some inspiration for a candy poster idea.

Candy Messages

Use candy and candy bars to create a birthday message to the birthday boy. Write a message using candy types and chocolate bar names to convey the message. You can write a message such as "I'm a sucker for you, Billy," and instead of writing the word "sucker," tape a sucker to the board. If the birthday is for an adult having a milestone birthday, consider sticking a candy cane on the board with a message saying, "It won't be long before you'll need a cane to walk." Another way to make a birthday candy poster is to use chocolate bar names to replace the words in a message. Write, "I was going to get you WHATCHAMACALLIT for your birthday gift, but I knew it would just give you the SNICKERS. I was going to give you 100 GRAND but I don't have that much. So, I'll give you this message and a little KISS." Add the chocolate bar of the same name in place of the words written in capital letters. Create your own message and block out letters on the candy bars if you need to in order to make the sentence make sense.

Candy Collages

Use wrapped candy to create a candy collage picture for a birthday celebration. Create a generic birthday picture such as a balloon bouquet or a wrapped gift or choose to stay within the theme of the party. Draw a picture on a poster board and use various candies to fill in the picture. Use wrapped lemon drops for a shining sun, the yellow ban on a rainbow or a yellow balloon. Use red cinnamon candies to make red flowers, hearts and ruby red lips on a person. Glue black liquorice or chocolate candies to create roads and other black and brown areas. Fill the entire poster with candies or use a mix of painted areas and candy for a different effect.

Candy Poster Games

Create a candy poster game for a birthday party. Write a list of questions associated with celebrating a birthday or the birthday girl. Tape or glue various types of candy and candy bars to a poster board. Display the board and ask guests to match the words and phrases to the candy that most closely answers each question. For instance, ask guests, "What do people do when they hear the birthday girl's age?" The answer could be "Snickers" or "Whoppers." The answers to the questions will be a little ambiguous, but are sure to make guests laugh. Other questions can include, "What would be a good gift for the birthday girl?" which could be answered either as a "Whatchamacallit" or "100 Grand."

Other Candy Poster Ideas

Use a mixture of wrapped candy and candy bars to create a full story for the birthday boy. Longer stories may require more than one poster. Another method of creating a candy poster is to carefully take the candy bars out of their packaging and wiping them clean. Then glue the wrappers to the poster. This allows the recipient to have a more permanent birthday keepsake. Put all the candy bars in a tin for the birthday boy to eat.

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