Hotpoint Refrigerator Won't Cool

Updated February 21, 2017

GE Appliances sells the Hotpoint brand of consumer appliances. Hotpoint offers top-freezer, compact and side-by-side refrigerators. While not common, your Hotpoint refrigerator may occasionally not get cold enough. Troubleshoot this problem, and see if you can repair the refrigerator before calling GE for assistance. You avoid both service calls and fees doing the work yourself.

Temperature Settings/Airflow

If your Hotpoint refrigerator is too warm, check the temperature settings. Lower the thermostat to a lower setting. If you see frost inside the refrigerator, you have set the setting too low. Increase the temperature setting.

Verify that the refrigerator has enough clearance. You need about 1 inch of clearance all the way around the refrigerator. Never run your refrigerator in temperatures above 110F or below 60F. The refrigerator won't operate properly and won't get cold enough. Do not place large items against the back wall of the refrigerator as this restricts airflow.


A refrigerator will be too warm if you leave the doors open for extended periods of time. Properly close the doors. Reposition food items or containers blocking the doors, and fully push in all bins and shelves. Check the door gaskets, which keep outside air from entering the refrigerator. If the gaskets are falling off, reattach them to the track. If they are brittle or torn, get new ones from a GE parts dealer. You usually can't repair the gaskets.

Condenser/Condenser Fan

The condenser uses tubes to cool down the refrigerator and the condenser fan circulates this air around the refrigerator. The condenser and condenser coils can get dirty after extended use. Clean these components. If the condenser isn't running at all, it has failed, and you need to replace it. This is a major repair. Get assistance from an authorised repair person. Check the condenser fan. Clean it if it's dirty, or remove any rust build up. If any of the fan blades are broken, you need to replace the whole fan since it's difficult to repair the fan.

Additional Problems

If you recently got your Hotpoint refrigerator serviced, see if it's the diagnostic mode. Unplug the power cord for about 30 seconds and then plug the refrigerator back into the power source. This resets the refrigerator and it should start cooling again. A refrigerator may take up to 24 hours to cool down after you first install it. Verify that your refrigerator is not in the defrost cycle. If it is, let the cycle finish, which takes about 30 minutes. Try to turn your refrigerator back on. Let your refrigerator cool down for at least four hours after adding a lot of food to it. Clean the freezer's back wall if it has frost on it.

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