Bible Activities for Daniel & the Lions' Den Story

In Daniel 6, Daniel was thrown into a den of lions because he dared to defy the law requiring him to only make his prayers and petitions to a statue of the Babylonian king, Darius. Children love this story because God rescued Daniel by causing the lion's mouths to be shut so that he remained safely in the den overnight. Bible activities help students remember the details of the story.

Public Prayer

Daniel 6:10 says Daniel prayed facing Jerusalem three times each day. He did this with the windows open so others could see that his faith rested in God and not in Darius. Place mats or prayer rugs on the floor and invite the children to join you in prayer. Lead a short prayer or invite the children to pray out loud. Talk about why Daniel continued to pray to God even though he knew about the new law.

You might also discuss why Babylonian officials had tricked Darius into signing the law. Emphasise that Darius tried to save Daniel and prayed that God would deliver Daniel.

Dramatised Story

Create a dramatised version of this story for your class. Actors can play the characters, including the lions, or you can use puppets. Or update the drama and dress the actors in jeans and T-shirts rather than Babylonian robes. Use a closet or a large appliance box for your lions' den. Include a picture inside the den of an angel holding shut the mouths of the lions.

Sing the Story

A number of songs talk about Daniel in the lion's den. Children love to sing and will find the songs an enjoyable way to learn the story. You can use Steve Cases' songs that go with the Bible story, including "Our Little Scheme," "Daniel in the Lion's Den" or "The Living God," or Darlene Conner's "God is King of You" (see Resources section). An old favourite children's song you can easily teach is "Who Did Swallow Jonah?" (see Resources section)

Paper Crafts

Children love crafts and will find many crafts, such as drawing lion faces on of paper plates to make a paper mask or using the template found on You could also use the craft templates on to remind children that God protects those who trust in Him. Free activity pages online include crossword puzzles, cryptograms and colouring pages.

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