Landline Phone Alternatives

Updated July 20, 2017

Landline phone services are becoming a thing of the past. This is due to a variety of factors, but mostly due to the high cost of landline services and the ubiquity and convenience of mobile phones. There are a plethora of lower-cost VoIP and Internet phone services and devices that are ready and waiting to replace your old phone service for good.


Vonage is one of the more well-known "Voice over Internet Protocol" telephone services around. It works by routing phone calls over a broadband Internet connection. However, it operates much like your landline service did, allowing you to receive and place calls as usual without a computer. To use Vonage, you need the monthly service plus the Vonage phone adaptor, which you plug into your high-speed Internet router or modem. It costs £9.70 per month for the first three months, then £16.80 per month after that.

YMax MagicJack

The MagicJack is a Zippo-size device that plugs into a computer and provides Internet-based phone service. The device provides a full year of unlimited local and long-distance service with purchase of the device for the cost of £26; After that, the service costs only £13 per year. The downside is that the computer must be on at all times to receive or place calls. The best solution to make MagicJack work as a permanent landline replacement is to get a dedicated "phone server" computer which you use just for the MagicJack.

NetTalk Duo

The NetTalk Duo is a similar option to the MagicJack. The Duo device has some additional options, however, that make it more convenient to use as a landline replacement. It can be plugged into a PC's USB port or a router. The latter yields a phone service that doesn't require a PC. The costs of using the Duo is much cheaper than either Vonage or traditional landline services. The Duo costs only £45 upfront and £19 per year.

Ooma Telo

The Ooma Telo is a device and service that provides Internet-based local and long distance calling that is free for life. The only cost is the initial hardware charge of £162. The Ooma Telo basic service package includes caller ID and voicemail. For £6 per month you can sign up for Ooma Premier, which offers a plethora of extra services and features. The Ooma Telo device and service are easy to set up: Just plug the device box into your high-speed router, set up your account on the company's website and you're ready to go.

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