Ideas for Homemade Board Games

Updated April 17, 2017

Board games can be a great way to pass the time among friends and family on a rainy day. Classic board game titles are always an option, but creating your own homemade board games can add a personalised touch to family game night. Create the games as a family, and then pull them out every now and then for hours of fun and togetherness.

Family Trivia

Make up a trivia game using fun facts about your family history. This will help bring you closer together as a family and will ensure that family knowledge and traditions will be passed on to younger generations in a fun, interactive way. Use a piece of cardboard to design a path of squares; each family member will start at square one using a playing piece of his choosing. Each person will have a turn to answer a trivia question selected at random from a pile of handcrafted trivia cards. A correct answer allows a person to move forward, while an incorrect answer sends him back a space. The first person to cross the finish line wins the game.

Who Am I?

Prep your family's visual recognition skills for the next big reunion with an entertaining guessing game similar to "Guess Who." Compile uniformly sized photos of family members and friends and glue them all in the style of a yearbook page to rectangular pieces of poster board or cardboard; make several identical boards for multiple participants to play the game. Using index cards, glue a copy of each photo used on the boards to make individual identity cards; these will be stacked for each player to draw a "mystery" person at random. The cards should remain hidden from the other players, who will each try to guess which card each person has by asking questions based on the mystery individual's physical appearance; the players should consult the photo boards to try and formulate questions and make guesses.

Super Sleuth

Create a personalised mystery-solving board game by inventing several silly scenarios that might actually happen in your home. For instance, you could create your scenario based on things like the cookies going missing from the cookie jar, or household items like socks or batteries vanishing mysteriously. Design a layout of your home on a piece of poster board or cardboard, and then add tokens or pieces to represent each member of your family. Make up your own rules for how turns will be taken. Everyone will be a suspect in this game, and it's every man for himself to try and discover the culprit.

Truth or Dare

Who says you have to have a sleepover to play truth or dare? Make up a path of squares on a piece of cardboard, and then have each player start out from the same square using small playing pieces; these could be coins, army men or any other trinket you may have lying around the house. To change up the game each time, have family members compile a list of silly truth or dare cards, separating the two into different piles. The players will roll a pair of dice to find out how many squares to move, and then depending on where they land, they'll have to either choose a truth or dare card to complete. A successfully completed card advances the player, while a skipped one results in a missed turn.

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