Really Cool Tattoo Ideas

Written by izzy barden
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Really Cool Tattoo Ideas
Only you can determine what makes a tattoo cool. ( Images)

"Cool" is a highly subjective word, as every individual has his own opinion of what it means. However, there are some ideas and designs that would fit for a wide variety of people based on their character traits. These designs will give you some ideas from which you can develop your own tattoo concept. In addition to design, take time to determine the proper placement for the tattoo and its colour scheme.

Binary Script

Binary codes are words translated into a system of two numbers (usually 1's and 0's). Letters, numbers, punctuation, even blank spaces have their own unique string of code. You can plug a particular script into a binary code generator, like the one in the resource link of this article, and it will translate it into 1's and 0's. Please note, binary code can compile quickly, as a ten-letter word will have 80 numbers in it. So whenever possible, its best to keep your message short and sweet.

Personalised Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore is a national monument in South Dakota, where the faces of four past presidents are chiselled into the mountain. The presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, from left to right. However, for a personalised Rushmore you can use the same design and image of the mountain, but instead insert the faces of family members, loved ones or just famous people who have inspired you, such as The Beatles or the characters in "Reservoir Dogs."

Sheet Music

Whether you are a musician or just a music-lover you more than likely have a favourite song. If you locate the sheet music to that particular song, for whatever instrument you enjoy the most, it can make a simple, yet complex tattoo. simple in that it is just lines and notes but complex in that each line and note must be absolutely perfect and straight. The whole song may be too long for some tattoos, unless you want to donate your entire back or arm, so instead consider just your favourite portion of the song.


Portrait tattoos are lifelike renderings that resemble a photograph more than a drawing. They are by far the most difficult and detailed of all the tattoo styles, but if executed properly can be the most beautiful as well. Traditional portraits are done in shades of black and grey, though you can choose to incorporate colour if you wish; only trust a highly talented and experienced artist to tattoo a portrait on you. There is no margin for error and any mistake will be magnified. Also, note that portraits often require a large amount of space to display adequately.

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