Chocolate fountain ideas for kids

Updated July 20, 2017

Kids have fun playing with their food, so what better than a chocolate fountain to have at a kid's party or event? Choose foods in different shapes and colours to let kids build figures and make shapes with their food. Make different flavours of chocolate fondue in multiple fountains to allows kids to choose the flavours they want to pair with the food. This adds an element of fun and gives them colour options as they build and play with the shapes of food.

Flavoured Fondue

Kids will enjoy dipping in flavoured fondue that flows from a chocolate fountain. If you have multiple fountains, set them up for the kids to choose the flavour they want to dip in. Some ideas for flavoured fondue are chocolate peanut butter made by adding peanut butter chips to regular chocolate fondue, mint chocolate by adding mint to dark chocolate chips, and vanilla white chocolate fondue made by adding vanilla flavour to white chocolate fondue. Fondue is made by adding milk and sugar to your preferred type of chips to keep it soft and flowable through the fountain.


Make a platter of different fruits for kids to pick from. Include fruits like orange segments, sliced bananas, strawberries, apples, peach and pear rings, and star fruit. Have kids build figures from their fruit before they eat it by using different sized rings to make a body, hands and feet. Use a strawberry as the head. This works especially well if you have multiple colours of fondue for the kids to dip in. Let them be creative with the different shapes.


Use various candy textures and shapes, like gummy bears and gummy worms. Any sugar-based candy is a good choice as a fondue dip because the creamy chocolate makes the sugary candy taste stand out. The textures of chewy and creamy work well together and are fun for kids to chew. Have kids make their own candy by stacking marshmallows and caramel candy together and then coating it in chocolate fondue. Make brownies with peanuts or jelly fruit swirls and cut them into bars for kids to make their own brownie candy bars.

Other Dippers

Offer pretzels, crisps and salty snacks for kids to dip in the chocolate fountain and experience the contrast of the salty and sweet flavours and the creamy and crunchy textures. Make balls of different cookie dough flavours and roll them in sprinkle toppings for kids to dip and make indulgent snacks. Cakes and confections are other good dipping choices. Use lady fingers, graham crackers, angel food cake and devil's food cake.

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