Unique canopy beds for adults

Written by ali mcculloch | 13/05/2017
Unique canopy beds for adults
Use delicate white fabric for a colonial style (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Canopy beds make a statement in the master bedroom and come in all different shapes and sizes. From antique wooden four posters with curtains that surround the entire bed to colonial-inspired designs that use muslin, or lightweight lace, to imitate mosquito netting, there's a style to suit nearly every interior scheme. Choose a unique style of canopy bed, like colonial or Arabian, to create a special place to sleep.


Although today a canopied bed is a signifier of luxury, the design originated from the practical reason of trying to keep warm in an often draughty stone building, or leaking roof. The European nobility used fully curtained beds to retain a measure of privacy as they often shared a bedroom with servants or attendants.

Four-poster Beds

With four-poster beds, the canopy is often accompanied by curtains that enclose the bed. Track down an antique version for a unique bed. Traditionally the posts would be carved wood, but contemporary four posters are often made from simple metal struts or plain wooden beams. A traditional four poster would be swathed in heavy fabrics like velvet, brocade or tapestry to keep the cold out, but a modern look would be to use plain white linen. Make your bed unique by using your own fabric to make the canopy and curtains.

Colonial Style

In colonial countries, canopied beds were used, not to protect from the cold, but to keep out biting insects like mosquitoes. A hook, or circular track, would be mounted above the bed, and a mosquito net hung from it to protect the sleeper. Use lace rather than net fabric, or choose a colourful fabric for a unique take on colonial style.

Arabian Style

The Arabian style of canopy is mounted on the wall above the headboard and supported by wires or a bracket. This style supports curtains that can be left hanging or drawn back to hooks on either side of the bed. Create an individual look by using curtain tiebacks to hold the curtains and form the canopy only over the pillow area of the bed.

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