Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend on an Nice Evening

Updated February 21, 2017

When the weather is just right many couples enjoy spending the evening outside, as opposed to doing something indoors at a restaurant, cinema or bowling alley. If you know that a nice evening is on the horizon, plan ahead by coming up with fun activities that you can do with your girlfriend. Depending on where you live, a nice evening may only come around once in a while, so enjoy it while you can.

Picnic For Two

It isn't raining, it's not too hot and it's not too cold, so the nice evening is perfect for a picnic in the park or a garden. You can surprise your girlfriend by planning ahead with all of the picnic essentials, from finger foods, wine, plates, glasses and dessert. Bring a blanket for the two of you to sit on, and have a location in mind before both of you head out for the evening. You can scout perfect picnic locations the day of your date so that you know exactly where you are going come the evening time.

Dessert Crawl

If your city has an outdoor strip of restaurants that serve fancy and unforgettable desserts, you and your girlfriend can do a dessert crawl. A dessert crawl is when you order dessert from one restaurant, eat it, pay and walk to the next restaurant to taste more desserts. This activity is appropriate for a nice evening, because you and your girlfriend can stroll outdoors in between restaurants and work off some of those dessert calories. In addition, since it's a nice evening, ask the restaurant host if you and your girlfriend can be seated outside. Some dessert crawls are organised community events to which you can purchase tickets.

A Romantic View

Nice evenings can be very romantic, and you can help inspire that romanticism by taking your girlfriend to a special spot in your town that has an amazing view. Whether the view is of a city skyline, overlooking buildings or looking towards a lake surrounded by nature, the two of you can enjoy the breathtaking ambience, made even better by the nice evening weather. Be sure to do some walking around when you get to that special spot. You might plan ahead and keep a blanket in the back of your car boot or your backpack in case you want to sit down to enjoy the view.

Outdoor Event

Some towns host outdoor events, such as concerts or art festivals. If your town's weather is agreeable that evening, check to see what types of events are going on locally that take place outdoors. If you have an amusement park or the fair came to town, find out what time they are open until and go there for some rounds of evening games, prizes and rides. You and your girlfriend can check out the entertainment, walk around and be among others who are enjoying the nice evening, too.

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