Ideas for the Teddy Bears' Picnic

Updated April 17, 2017

"The Teddy Bears' Picnic" was recorded and released in 1932 by Henry Hall and his orchestra, with vocalist Val Rosing. The lyrics are credited to Jimmy Kennedy. The music for the tune was written by John W. Bratton in 1907. Ideas for picnics and parties featuring this song's theme can be used for any age Teddy Bear lovers.

Be the Bear Picnic

The lyrics to this classic children's song warn listeners to be careful if venturing out into the woods on the day of the "Teddy Bears' Picnic." In keeping with the lyrics, ask your guests to come to your picnic "in disguise" as their favourite bears. Include the lyrics to the song along with your invitations and ask guests to learn them. Award prizes to those who come in the best bear disguises. Sing the song with guests and enjoy a "beary" memorable picnic.

Bring Your Bear Picnic

Another idea for a teddy bear picnic is to ask your guests to bring their favourite bears with them. Be sure to allow room for all the honoured teddy bear guests to sit at the picnic or party table with their owners. Serve food and drink that meet with any bear's approval, such as tea with honey, blueberry cobbler and fish fingers.

Build-a-Bear Teddy Bears' Picnic Party

Invite your guests to attend a Teddy Bears' Picnic Party that starts at your local bear building workshop. After all of your guests have built their bears, have everyone bring their newly made friends to a nearby park or playground to share a picnic meal together. Give all of your guests a moment or two to introduce their new bears to each other.

Teddy Bear Fun and Games

Hide and seek is mentioned in "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" so be sure to play a few rounds of this old fashioned, but still favourite, game for all ages. You can also play the "Going on a Picnic" alphabet game with a simple twist. Have players start by saying, "My bear is going on a picnic and she is going to bring..." and then add an item that the bear will bring that starts with the appropriate letter of the alphabet. The first player uses the letter A, the next uses the letter B, and players continue to go on in alphabetical order. Give guests a sheet of paper and ask them to form as many words on it as they can out of the letters that spell teddy bear.

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