The best compression shorts

Updated November 21, 2016

Compression shorts are essential for every athlete. Whether worn under normal athletic shorts or alone, compression shorts fit like a second layer of skin--comfortable, flexible and protective. They move with you to prevent chafing, support your muscles by holding them tight, and keep you cooler with their sweat-wicking capabilities. Add a pair of compression shorts to your athletic wardrobe, and you will immediately notice the difference.

Under Armour UA

Under Armour has become iconic and is supported by many major athletes. Not only is the Under Armour UA series of compression shorts packed with technology guaranteed to increase comfort and performance, they are stylish as well. The Under Armour Coreshorts Pro for men are designed to mirror your body's anatomy, providing additional stability and support. Women's UA Draft Compression shorts feature strategically placed vents that keep you cool as you exercise and AllSeasonGear® technology that wicks away sweat to keep your body at an ideal temperature.


2XU designs extremely high-performance compression wear, worn by some of the worlds best triathletes, such as Leon Griffin. While 2XU is a bit pricier than other compression shorts, they earn the higher price tag. 2XU compression shorts feature Flatlock seams that provide maximum comfort against the skin and a higher denier fabric that increases compression. 2XU compression shorts also feature a circular knit, which allows for 360 degree stretch capability and even compression throughout.

Nike Pro Combat Compression

The Nike Pro Combat series of compression shorts are more economical than other compression shorts, but a solid choice nonetheless. The are made of Nike's signature Dri-FIT fabric, which is 84 per cent polyester and 16 per cent spandex jersey. This blend wicks away sweat and keeps the body cool and comfortable. The compression also supports the thigh muscles, which reduces excess energy expenditure and helps prevent injury.


Adidas TECHFIT Powerweb shorts are a longer pair of compression shorts with an 11-inch inseam. The longer fit, however, allows for additional support. This pair of compression shorts features adidas signature TECHFIT and PowerWEB technologies. TECHFIT is a design intended to concentrate the energy created by your muscles to reduce and focus the amount of energy expended so you that you get the most out of every movement. The PowerWEB actively supports your muscles as you move, minimising injury and aiding in recovery time.

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