Birch log craft ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Birch trees are commonly found in North America, and the wood is relatively inexpensive. It is fairly easy to obtain a birch log, so it can be used in many woodworking projects. Many craft projects use this wood because it finishes nicely. It also cuts and drills with little difficulty.

Birch Reindeer

Use thin logs of birch to create a cute reindeer decoration for Christmas. Use unfinished birch logs for this craft. Cut a foot-long piece of log for the body of your reindeer. Cut another log into fourths for legs and glue them flat to the bottom of the reindeer so the legs lay haphazardly under the log. Use wood glue to attach a thin piece of log onto the front of the body log for the neck, and use another log cut in half for the head of the reindeer. Glue on two twigs for the antlers of the reindeer. Paint on facial features and add a splinter to the back for a tail.

Candle Molds

Birch logs can also be used to create a rustic candle. Carefully remove the inside of the log using chisels or a wide drill bit. Use wood glue to attach a tongue depressor across the bottom of the log to secure the wick base. Attach a wick to the wick base glued to the depressor and run it up the length of the candle with an extra inch that is wrapped around a pencil. Melt old candles down in a double boiler and add colouring and essential oils as desired. Pour the wax into the hollowed-out log and trim the wick wrapped around the pencil once the wax has dried.

Coffee Tables

Create a rustic coffee table using numerous unfinished birch logs. Build a box base with a slight overhang for your table using plywood, wood glue and pin nails. Add wheels for easy mobility. Cut several logs into 18-inch lengths and sand the edges. Attach logs around the overhang of the box, using glue and nails to secure them in place. Use another piece of plywood to close in the box. Cut several additional logs into thin, 1-inch slices and use wood glue to attach them to the plywood. Use grout to seal the crevices between the log slices, or use a piece of plastic sheeting to create a flat surface for your cups.

Bird Feeder

Make a natural and inexpensive bird feeder that can easily be attached to your porch or a tree. Use a thin birch log for the base of the feeder. Drill large holes into the surface of the log, but do not cut the whole way through. Make perches by drilling beneath the holes and inserting dowel rods. Hammer a long metal nail into the bird feeder to hang it from your porch supports or a tree trunk. Fill the large holes with bird seed and watch the birds enjoy their meal.

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