Plastic Surgeon's Annual Salary

Updated March 23, 2017

A plastic surgeon, also known as a plastic reconstructive surgeon, examines, diagnoses, and surgically treats patients with abnormal structures of the body to improve functions and approximate a normal appearance. Like most surgeons, plastic surgeons earn a high salary, over £195,000 per year on average, according to Salary Wizard. Plastic surgeon salaries can vary greatly, depending on location. For example, salaries in a city like Charlotte, North Carolina, are much higher than those in Houston, Texas.

Salary Range

According to Salary Wizard, the average annual salary for a plastic surgeon was £208,340 per year as of May 2011. The middle 50 per cent of the surgeons earned between £181,361 and £251,134. The bottom 10 per cent of plastic surgeons earned salaries below £156,798. The top 10 per cent of plastic surgeons earned salaries above £290,096. Plastic surgeons also earned an average benefits package of £55,352 per year, including £25,690 worth of time off and £10,192 of pension benefits.


The annual salary for a plastic surgeon varies greatly depending on location. According to Salary Expert, of 10 major cities surveyed, the top two cities salary-wise for plastic surgeons were Dallas, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina, with average salaries of £205,424 and £200,763 per year, respectively. The bottom two cities of the 10 surveyed for plastic surgeon salaries were Houston, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, with £96,634 and £171,486. The other cities surveyed, in order from lowest to highest, were Phoenix, Arizona, with £173,138; New York, New York, with £174,184; Miami, Florida, with £183,582; Atlanta, Georgia, with £186,761; Chicago, Illinois, with £193,107; and Boston, Massachusetts, with £193,285.


Plastic surgeons fall in the middle of similar surgical fields salary-wise. According to Salary Wizard, plastic surgeons earned more than oral surgeons, who earn an average of £160,008 as of 2011, burn surgeons with £169,183 and general surgeons who earn £196,474. Plastic surgeons earn a similar amount to trauma surgeons who receive £213,549 and vascular surgeons who earn £210,594. Plastic surgeons make less than paediatric surgeons who receive £230,864, orthopaedic surgeons who earn £265,783, heart transplant surgeons who are paid £281,292 and neurology surgeons who earn £305,379.


As of May 2009, 34,210 surgeons were employed in the offices of physicians and earned an annual mean wage of £148,109 as of May 2009. Those who worked in outpatient care centres earned less, with an annual mean wage of £139,158. Surgeons who worked in general medical and surgical hospitals earned an annual mean wage of £124,280. Surgeons employed in colleges, universities, and professional schools earned an annual mean wage of £108,361.

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