Low Maintenance & Fast Growing Tall Plants

Updated April 17, 2017

Tall growing plants provide dramatic ornamental designs, natural shade and privacy coverage to homes, both outdoors and in. Learn how to grow and care for low-maintenance, fast-growing tall plants to achieve beautiful, eco-friendly decor with minimal time and effort.


Ivy is a common, three-lobe-leafed vine plant of the Hedera genus. As many homeowners know, ivy grows very tall, very quickly, with the ability to reach several stories high in just a few years in an array of shady, warm, chilly, partial-sun and mixed soil environments. While some consider wild-growing and poisonous ivy to be a nuisance around the home, others encourage ivy growth both outdoors and in to provide natural shade and ornamental plant decor. English Ivy is among the most popular, and lowest-maintenance, type of ivy plant. Its foliage is evergreen and vines will climb and cover walls, trellises and fences by simply being trained upward with wire or by twisting the vines themselves upward along a wall or object. Most ivies do not require frequent watering and are tolerant to a range of light conditions, though you can encourage the best ivy growth by placing it in partial sun.


Like ivy, there are many different kinds of bamboo, most of which will rapidly grow tall with little maintenance or effort. But unlike ivy, true bamboo is actually a grass plant, making a rich potting soil compound and high-nitrogen fertiliser necessary to promote quick and healthy growth. Plant bamboo in a large, sturdy container, so that the plant has plenty of room and stability to grow upward. Mix a high-nitrogen fertiliser in with nutrient-rich potting soil when planting and keep the potted bamboo in full to partial sun. Water as often as needed to keep soil slightly moist -- usually, once every few days in moderate or humid climates. Alphonse Karr and giant timber bamboo are two common, tropical bamboo species that are particularly easy to grow indoors with tall shoots of 10 to 14 feet or higher resulting in a single growing season.


Sunflowers are beautiful, flowering plants that stand impressively tall in an outdoor garden or small field. Best of all, they're a lot easier to maintain than they would seem. Plant sunflowers in cool to warm temperatures where well-drained soil is approximately 10 degrees Celsius or warmer. Plant seeds 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep in nutrient-rich, high-nitrogen soil and, if planting rows of sunflowers, keep the rows wide -- spaced 3 to 4 feet or more apart. These magnificent flowers can bloom to 6 feet or taller in as little as two months, and once harvested, will bear edible seeds that make a great snack or salad topping.

American Cranberry Bush

This fruit-bearing shrub plant is surprisingly easy to grow and maintain with heights reaching approximately 15 feet, making the American cranberry bush an excellent choice for outdoor shade and privacy. This plant tolerates most well-drained soil types and requires full or partial sun to grow. Cranberry bushes planted in autumn will blossom in spring and bear fruit within a year. Water cranberry bushes once or twice a week and spray with insecticide if pests become a problem.

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