What Animals Are in the Same Community As Giant Pandas?

Updated February 21, 2017

A community is the scientific term for a group of plants and animals living in the same region. In order to constitute a true community, these organisms must have interdependent relationships. Giant pandas live in large communities of numerous species that are interdependent on one another. The endangered status of the giant panda is a huge cause for concern partially because of the many plants and animals that are dependent upon the panda's continued existence.


Predators survive primarily by eating other animals, and the predators in the panda's community do prey on pandas. Snow leopards are pandas' main predators. Canids -- members of the wolf genus -- including wild dogs and jackals also may prey on pandas.

Red Pandas

Red pandas are small, raccoon-like mammals that live near giant pandas. Like giant pandas, these mammals eat bamboo and have a thumb adaptation that enables them to do so. However, they are not closely related to giant pandas, and are actually more closely related to weasels and skunks.


Members of the family bovidae include sheep, goats and other animals with cloven hooves. Both wild sheep and mountain goats live near giant pandas. Mountain goats are one of only a few species of animals that actually live on the sides of mountains. Pandas are more likely to live in the valleys below mountains.


Marmots are large rodents that are closely related to squirrels. They typically live in burrows in the ground across a range of habitats. Several species of marmots live in the same communities of pandas, and at least one extinct species of marmot -- Marmota robusta -- likely once lived in the panda's habitat.


The Lagomorph order is the taxonomical classification that includes rabbits and hares. Numerous lagomorphs live near giant pandas. This includes the rock rabbit, a rock-dwelling rabbit with small ears that lives in colder climates in Asia.


Several species of weasels live near pandas. Perhaps most notable is the yellow-throated marten. These animals are excellent climbers and live on a diet of rodents, insects, fruit and honey. They are carnivores and occasionally eat panda babies. However, they are important members of the panda's community because their fruit-eating habits make them important seed dispersers.

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