Strawberry Varieties With Pink Flowers

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Strawberries are a red fruit full of tiny seeds and a burst of flavour. Most strawberry varieties have white flowers during portions of the growing season. One of the few varieties of strawberries that is certain to have pink flowers is the wild strawberry Fragaria Pink Panda Frei. Two other types of wild strawberries are known to have light pastel pink blooms on occasion.

Wild Strawberry (Fragaria Frei)

The most common strawberry variety with pink flowers is the wild strawberry (Fragaria frei). This wild fruit-bearing flower is also known as the Pink Panda due to its pastel pink flowers. According to The Plant Press, these wild strawberry plants are most typically seen as a ground cover with toothy-edged strawberry leaves. This wild strawberry variety grows like a vine, spreading across the ground with long, shallow roots. According to The Plant Press, the colourful pink flowers have a rounded shape. This variety of wild strawberries grows best in lightly shaded areas where groundcover typically thrives. This strawberry is nearly tasteless.

Wild Strawberry (Fragaria Virginiana)

Another wild strawberry variety (Fragaria virginiana) has small, white blooms that take on a slight pinkish tint. According Wild Man Steve Brill's website, the Fragaria virginiana strawberry has individual flower stalks that produce the red fruit. It is also known to be smaller than the commercial strawberry. According to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the strawberry flower ripens in the spring and grows to 1 inch in diameter. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center also states that the Fragaria virginiana is a ground-hugging plant with hairy leaves that rises rising from a fibrous, perennial root system. This strawberry variety is found in open fields and is known to produce the sweetest flavoured wild strawberry.

Wood Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca)

The wood strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is known to have white and some minimal light-pink blooms. According to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, this strawberry plant is most frequently found in California and has been nicknamed the California strawberry. It is also considered part of the rose (Rosaceae) family. Due to this strawberry variety's roselike qualities, it may have small prickly stems. The Fragaria vesca strawberry lacks the appealing taste of a commercial strawberry.

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