Personalized Bowling Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Bowling is a game of both team and individual competition. Accomplishments can be recognised on both levels. Some of these, even bowlers with decades of experience have never achieved. To recognise those accomplishments, purchase small token gifts so others know about those triumphs over the 10 white pins that the recipient has accomplished.


Get the bowler a plaque to celebrate a specific accomplishment within his league. This could be for having the highest score or average in the league. It could also be for exceeding a specific score such as 250 in one game. On the plaque, engrave the bowler's name, his accomplishment, the date and the name of the league in which he made the accomplishment.

Signed Bowling Pin

Give your league president a gift that will help him remember everyone in the league. Purchase him a bowling pin and have all of the bowlers in the league sign their names on the bowling pin. The league name and the year should be printed on the bottom of the pin to identify the league in which he was the president.

Bowling Accessories

Reduce the risk of him losing his bowling accessories, by having them personalised with his name. This could include a bowling towel that not only has his name but his team's name on it as well. Design and purchase a personalised bowling glove for him with his name printed on the glove. Another personalised gift could be a bowling bag with his team's logo or name printed on it along with his name.

Bowling Shirt

Don't forget the bowling shirt when choosing a personalised gift for her. This can be a gift for each member of the team, with their team logos and names printed on the bowling shirt. Another idea for customising the shirt would be to have the faces of all of the teammates printed on the shirt.

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