38th Birthday Gifts for Her

Updated April 17, 2017

A woman may feel that her 38th birthday is special because she's aware of the ticking of her biological clock. A heartfelt gift can help make this day happy and memorable. You might even want to make something for her. With only a small amount of time and some creativity, you can find a meaningful gift to accommodate the 38th birthday girl's personality, interests and likes.

Photo Coasters

Use only six square wooden pieces measuring 3.5 x 3.5 in., acrylic paint, carpenter's glue, six chosen photos, hairspray and a high-gloss varnish, you can make a set of personalised coasters for a creative 38th birthday gift. Paint each of the wooden pieces with a desired colour of acrylic paint. After they're fully dry, spray each photo with hairspray. Glue each dried photo to one of the six squares using the carpenter's glue. Allow 12 hours of drying time, then coat the pictures evenly with the high-gloss varnish and allow to dry. The finished photo coasters may be stacked neatly and tied with a corresponding coloured ribbon.

Homemade Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great personalised gift to give for a special female's 38th birthday. To make this gift truly special, fill with a variety of the birthday girl's favourite things. The basket can contain gifts with a specific theme, such as a spa retreat filled with bath salts, loofahs, candles and soaps, or a festive mix of many favourites. After filling the basket, finish it by adding a large bow in the birthday person's favourite colour.

Personalised Music CD

If she is a music lover, create a homemade CD using a plain CD cover, a blank CD, and a list of her current favourite songs as well as those from her past. After gathering the chosen songs from different CDs or the computer, arrange and burn the play list onto the CD. You can print an adhesive CD label to cover and decorate the disc, but for a more personalised touch, use permanent markers can be used to draw special 38th birthday decorations such as favourite quotes or pictures directly on the CD. In the cover, make sure to include a special sheet listing each track and explaining what meaning the song has. This CD can be played during the birthday party to entertain guests.

Bath Salts

Using only Epsom salts, essential oils, a decorative jar, food colouring, a plastic bowl and waxed paper, create a special 38th birthday gift that any female is sure to enjoy receiving. Start out by measuring enough Epsom salts to fill the jar. After placing the salt in a large plastic bowl, add a few drops of the chosen essential oils, depending on how fragrant you wish the finished salts to be. Place a few drops of the birthday girl's favourite colour of food colouring into the salt. Mix the oil and colour thoroughly into the salt and spread onto the waxed paper to dry completely. Fill the jar with the dried salt and tie the container with a large bow.

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