Alternatives to pierced earrings

Written by c.k. adams
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Alternatives to pierced earrings
Clip-ons come in dangle, hoop and stud styles. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

If the idea of piercing your ears causes you to cringe or you have extremely sensitive ears, then non-pierced earrings work as a way to dress up your ears without suffering. Clip-ons became popular in the 1900s as woman wanted to stop permanent piercing. Other non-pierced alternatives allow you to achieve the look of a pierced ears, but you always need to check the material and metals in the earrings to avoid problems with allergies and sensitive skin.

Clip-On Earrings

With a padded clasp and many styles, clip-on earrings offer one alternative to pierced earrings. Clip-on earrings are one of the older ways to decorate ear lobes. The earring comes in a two-piece attachment that clasps together around the ear lobe. The mechanical pressure keeps the earring attached. While clip-ons used to be small studs, varying styles now exist, including hoops and dangle earrings. Cuffs are also like clip-ons, but these earrings simply slip over the rim of your ear.

Screwback Earrings

Like clip-on earrings, screwback earrings, or ear screws, fit on the ear lobe with a type of pressure. However, with the screw, you decide how tight or loose you want the earring to clasp to your ear. Most screwbacks are smaller and come in stud or little dangle forms. Screwbacks allow you to pick a fit for your ear, which is an improvement over clip-ons that can cause too much pressure on the ear lobe. If you find yourself constantly in pain from clip-ons, then a screwback allows you to hold the earring in place, then screw the backing forward until you find the right snug fit.

Magnetic Earrings

For classic studs, magnetic earrings work well for non-pierced ears. The styles for magnetic earrings are limited because too much weight causes the earring to fall off. However, earring makers create studs and small dangles with gems and colourful designs to mimic real earrings. One drawback from magnetic earrings is the small pieces that come with the earrings. For instance, if you lose a backing to one of the earrings, then you have to replace the magnet or buy a new set of earrings. The earrings also might not have a strong hold and fall off if knocked or brushed off by your hand.

Stick-On Earrings

For younger girls, stick-on earrings provide a painless alternative to piercing. Like stickers, these earrings have an adhesive that you peel off, then press the earring into place on the lobe. Typically, the earrings are very small, like a stud, and last for only a short period of time. However, stick-on earrings are a great way for girls to dress up or give out as gifts like party favours. However, your child should be above the age of three, as young children might want to peel the sticker off and swallow it, leading to choking.

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