Funny Things to Put on Your Screensaver

Updated April 17, 2017

Screensavers can be a great opportunity for having a little fun and expressing your sense of humour at your home or workplace. Depending on your preference, these screensavers can either be very quick to set up or can be much more elaborate for added comedic effect.


The simplest humorous screensaver can be created by using the "3D Text" option available on most PC systems. Select this screensaver and edit the displayed text by selecting "Settings." The text can be changed to your favourite joke, or can be routinely updated to describe your current mood.

Picture Slideshow

Most PCs allow the option for selecting photos saved on your hard drive to be used as a slide-show screensaver. This can be an opportunity to select the most unflattering photographs of you and co-workers (perhaps from the last office Christmas party), setting the computer to cycle through full-screen versions as a screensaver.

"Transparent" Mode

This uses the same technique which creates a photo slideshow as a screensaver, except you only choose one image. This image should be a photograph of the area just behind your computer monitor, and sized appropriately to fit the resolution of your monitor's screen. This has the effect of making the monitor appear transparent when the image is loaded in full-screen, as it will appear to make your screen see-through. For extra effect, write the words "Transparency Mode Activated" on the image to confuse passersby.

Upside-Down Screen

Take a screenshot (by pressing the "Prt scr" key) of a typical program you use while working (such as e-mail or word processing). In an image editor, select "Edit -- Paste" to load the screenshot, and then use the appropriate tools to rotate it upside-down. Save the image in full resolution, and set it as your screensaver photo. This has the effect of making people do a double-take when they see your screen, which can be funny to observe.

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