Projects to Make for Church Bazaars

Updated March 23, 2017

Church bazaars can be a fun way to contribute to the church or make some extra money, depending on the bazaar's structure. Through a church bazaar, craftspeople can practice their skills while introducing their products to a new customer base. Several types of craft projects are suitable to make for and sell at a church bazaar.


Jewellery-making is a popular hobby that you can turn into products to sell. It appeals to hobbyists because it is fairly simple to get started making jewellery; you'll only need a few supplies. Jewellery-making can be as simple as stringing beads, or more complex, including tasks involving wire and crystals, or shaping natural stones. For a church bazaar, easier projects would be a better choice, for a larger on-sale selection. Consider basic beaded bracelets and necklaces, which are fast to make but still allow a lot of variety, based on bead and colour selection.

Knitting or Crochet

Knitting and crochet projects can be simple or complicated, depending on the detail and item. Popular crafts sold at bazaars include doilies, bookends, doll accessories and home decor items, like decorative bowls, or adornments, such as yarn angels. A more unusual idea is to create dryer balls that can be crocheted from felted wool. Christmas church bazaars are a great place to sell holiday-themed decorations or ornaments. Cold-weather gear, like mittens, hats or scarves, is also an option, depending on when and where the bazaar is held.

Sewing Crafts

You can create several types of sewing projects to sell at bazaars. Hand-sewn items tend to have a broad appeal, because of the amount of work involved and the sense that the product is one-of-a-kind, or one of a few available. Hand-sewn projects might sell for higher prices than some other crafts, but the downside is the amount of work that can be involved, depending on the project. You might sew sachet bags, potholders or rice-filled hot packs (for injuries). You can make large quantities of each of these items in a short amount of time.

Miscellaneous Handmade Items

Sell homemade air fresheners, soap, greeting cards, lace cloth hangers filled with potpourri, and bath oil or salts at church bazaars. Soaps, bath salts and bath oils can be made in large batches. Toiletries also provide the opportunity for more customisation, to appeal to a wider customer base---both men and women, for example.

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