The difference between the sennheiser 110 & 120

Updated November 21, 2016

Sennheiser models RS 110 and 120 are wireless headphones designed for home audio use and are manufactured by Sennheiser Electronic, the world's largest manufacturer of studio microphones. Sennheiser is an international corporation based in Wedemark, Germany. Although it began manufacturing microphones exclusively, Sennheiser currently manufactures a wide variety of sound and communication products, including headphones, wireless microphone and monitoring systems, conference and information systems, audiology products, as well as telephone headsets.

Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser began manufacturing headphones in 1968, when it developed the world's first open headphones, the HD 414, which Sennheiser believes created the headphone market. All Sennheiser RS-Series headphones are wireless and designed for home use, with both the RS 110 and 120 being reasonably priced for a Sennheiser product.


Both the RS 110 and 120 operate on radio frequencies provided by the headphone's transmitter. The RS 110 is the entry-level headphone, immediately followed by the RS 120. Both headphones operate on 22 to 19,500 hertz, are super-aural in design and are powered by two triple-A batteries. These headphones are designed for music and television use, providing reception outdoors and through walls up to 328 feet.

Transmitter Differences

Both models come with a stereo transmitter which wends the signal to the headphones. The differences between the two transmitters is that the RS 120 transmitter also acts as a battery recharger and may be wall mounted, while the RS 110 transmitter does not. Also, the RS 110 transmitter is equipped with an RCA 1/8 jack plug, while the RS 120 transmitter is RCA analogue.

Other Differences

When the RS 110 and Rs 120 product sheets are compared, the RS 110 and 120s differences are minor when compared to the higher-level RS-Series headphones. The main differences are power supply, weight and price. The RS 110 headphones weigh 119gr, while the RS 120 headphones weigh 232gr. The RS 110 is powered by standard AAA non-rechargeable batteries and the RS 120 is equipped with rechargeable AAA batteries. The RS 120 also averages around £19 more in price.

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