Spy tools to catch a cheating wife with

Written by minot pettinato | 13/05/2017
Spy tools to catch a cheating wife with
If your mate has cheated and you have left him, continued spying is inappropriate. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

While it would be great to live in a world where there is absolute trust in marriage is a given, the divorce and infidelity rates in the United States may leave some people wondering if their spouses are loyal to them. If you suspect your mate is cheating, there are several ways to go about finding out the truth. While it is one thing to want to know the truth if you have reason to suspect infidelity, it would be inappropriate to implement spying measures on your mate out of a need to feel in control of her.

Hidden Camera

You may choose to set up a hidden camera in your home. Choose a camera that is small and that can record footage for an extended period of time. Place this camera in an area of your home that either covers the most space in the house, or is in an area you think is likely to catch cheating behaviour. This area could be in a plant or hidden discreetly on a shelf. Do a test recording beforehand and play it back to yourself so that you can see what kind of picture quality you are going to get from placement in that particular area. When you leave for the day, turn the camera on. Consult legal counsel regarding your particular circumstance before setting up a hidden camera, as it is sometimes acceptable to do this only if no audio is recorded.

Human Tools

Private investigators can act as a covert set of eyes and ears on your spouse. Private investigators, while pricey, can be hired to follow your mate around for a predetermined amount of time, tracking his movements in the car and taking photos of the people he is meeting, the duration of these meetings and other events that may indicate cheating.

Online Tools

Online tools can help you determine if your partner is having a cyber-affair, or is looking at material you find inappropriate. Checking the Internet search and webpage history as well as the Favorites menu will allow you to see what websites she has been frequenting. Consistent scans done on spyware and virus prevention programs will also allow you to see what "harmful" websites she has been going to. Some companies, such as such as 007 Spy, Mobile Spy and Web Watcher, also offer programs specifically designed to record and monitor what your mate is doing online, be it watching pornography or engaging in inappropriate cyber-chat.

Checking her personal e-mails and logging onto her social network accounts may also yield information about who she is in contact with. In states such as Florida, it is illegal to tap your Internet to spy on your spouse's computer, even if the computer is in your house. It is only legal to install such programs on computers purchased by you.

Cell Phone Trackers

There are now software monitors that you can apply to cell phones, such as MobiStealth, Cell Phone Recon, Phone Sherrif (Mobile Nanny) and Phone Detective. These programs will allow you to see what calls she has received and how many times she had dialled a specific number, as well as access her text messages and any videos or photos she receives. You may face criminal charges if you install a phone tap on a phone that is not in your name or that you have not received permission to tap.

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