Uses for Leftover Cinnamon Rolls

Updated July 20, 2017

Cinnamon rolls are made from yeast dough that are filled with a sweet spread of butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and spices. These ingredients lend themselves well to many dessert items such as bread pudding, ice cream sundae bases, dessert sandwich or danishes. You can always reuse them for breakfast to by slicing them and making French toast, or as bread for a breakfast sandwich. If they're a few days old, cube them and dry them in the oven to make cinnamon roll cereal.

Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is probably the most common dish made with leftover confections and rightly so because it is simple and tastes good. Mix 1 quart double cream and 1 package of vanilla pudding mix for each pound of cinnamon rolls. For additional flavour, add a teaspoons of almond extract, cinnamon, a cup of raisins. Soak the cinnamon rolls in the mixture and bake it in a 9 x 13-inch pan. Top the bread pudding with bourbon cream sauce by simmering cream, bourbon and sugar together and thickening it with cornstarch.

Caramel Cinnamon Sundae

Make a sundae using a cinnamon roll as the base instead of a brownie or cookie. Heat the cinnamon rolls in the microwave in 10 second increments until they are soft and warm. Don't heat them too long or they will quickly become hard and rubbery. If you have a fryer, heat the cinnamon roll in the fryer for about 30 seconds at 177 degrees Celsius. Top the cinnamon roll with vanilla, caramel or butter pecan ice cream and caramel sundae topping. Add your favourite chopped or candied nuts to the top and finish it with whipped topping.


Make cinnamon roll danishes out of leftover cinnamon rolls by taking out the centre roll over and filling it with cream cheese filling or fruit pie filling. Make the cream cheese filling by mixing 227gr of cream cheese with 1 egg and 1 cup of sugar. You can also reuse the cinnamon roll centres similar to doughnut holes as snacks. Bake the cinnamon roll Danish at 121 degrees Cor about 20 minutes on the top shelf. It's important to cook it on the top shelf at a lower temperature so that the bottoms of the already baked cinnamon rolls do not burn.

Dessert Sandwich

A cinnamon roll dessert sandwich is a super indulgent treat to use up the leftover cinnamon rolls. Drop the cinnamon roll in a 350 degree fryer for about 30 seconds, or until a sticky caramel like crust forms on the outside. Slice the cinnamon roll in half along the height to make two slices of cinnamon roll. Fill the cinnamon roll with ricotta cannoli filling, ice cream, chocolate syrup and nuts or with mascarpone and apple pie filling. These sandwiches should overflow with the filling and should be eaten with a knife and fork or spoon.

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