Fun Games for Women's Ministry

Updated July 20, 2017

A women's ministry brings women closer together as they share their life, hopes, dreams and struggles with daily living. Games are important to a women's ministry and occasionally, through a group session, can be used to learn more about one another in a positive way.

Icebreaker Game

Get to know the other ladies by thinking of a few questions that are out of the ordinary such as, "Have you ever worn two different socks at the same time?" or "Have you ever left your house and forgot to lock the door?" Write them on paper and copy enough to hand out to your group. Try to come up with interesting questions that will get the ball rolling in the direction of relaxation and will help the ladies become more comfortable with their new friends.

Scavenger Hunt

Inform your group ahead of time that there will be a purse scavenger hunt played during your group session. The women will have fun loading their purses with unusual items, so try to be creative when thinking of the strange things they might bring. Write down what you come up with. You will need to think of at least 50 or more (depending on group size) items for this game. You could use items such as a toothpick, photo of pet, candy wrapper, pencil, piece of jewellery and shoestrings. The person with the most items wins. If you wish, have a small prize for the winner.

Word Game or Puzzle

Try your hand at creating a circle puzzle. Use words geared toward your women's ministry. By using your computer, try to cross all the words you plan to use by connecting letters and then fill in the blanks with other letters to form a word search. If you are planning diagonal words, those would be easier if you put them in first. You can also go online to free word search generation sites to help you create your game.

TV Trivia

This game is simple and fun. Look online for some TV trivia games. Since it is a women's ministry, the best type of trivia may include questions about women movie stars, though it is not necessary. Special holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day are good times to use this game and find movie or TV trivia to fit the holiday.

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