Cute things to do for your boyfriend for his birthday

Updated July 19, 2017

According to Merriam Webster's online dictionary, "cute" stands for acting with happiness and projecting youthful enthusiasm. Think about a young teenager. What would she give to her first love for his birthday? She might make a homemade gift or score a pair of tickets to a concert. She may decide to go on a day trip to a nearby town and look for birthday activities to do with her boyfriend while there. Understanding how a teenager would act will help you plan a pleasant outing or find a cute gift for your boyfriend.

Cute Homemade Gifts

Put together a scrapbook and present it to your boyfriend on his birthday. Create a collage using cutouts from past dates such as old movie stubs and postcards. Make a picture frame and place an attractive photo of the two of you inside it. He will appreciate the time you spent making him a homemade present. Print out a map of your town and mark the areas where you and your boyfriend visited since the beginning of your relationship.

Cute Destination Gifts

Take your boyfriend to an age-appropriate destination. If both of you are younger, consider an outing to the nearest body of water or amusement park. Older guys will appreciate two plane tickets to his favourite place. If your guy is into art, present tickets to the nearest museum. Perhaps he likes history. Is there a historic monument nearby that you and he could spend hours exploring and creating memories, such as in St. Augustine, Florida? Have a pilot take you and your boyfriend on a helicopter ride above your city or town. Most small airports provide services where you can take a plane or helicopter up for an hour or more.

Cute Romantic Gifts

Prepare his favourite dish. Your boyfriend will love the fact that you spent time cooking a meal he enjoys. Light candles and pour wine or sparkling cider to create a romantic atmosphere while dining. Plan to spend an afternoon horseback riding on nearby trails or at the beach. If horseback riding isn't feasible, consider taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Cute Entertainment Gifts

Purchase tickets to a sporting event that the two of you can enjoy together such as a baseball, hockey or football game. Go see a local live music group. Most bars and clubs have musicians performing on Friday and Saturday nights. Take him to see a comedy show. If he enjoys car racing consider going to a drag strip, demolition derby or NASCAR race.

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