Tracking collars for cats

Updated March 22, 2017

From time to time cats will have a tendency to wander away from home, and one of the effective means for locating and retrieving your pet is to equip it with a tracking collar. You can choose from a variety of tracking devices, such as GPS, radio frequency and a tracking collar, which is a hybrid version of both types. Many of the newer versions have portable collar tracking devices which allow owners more versatility and mobility in determining your cat's location.

Check Tracking System Effectiveness

Before placing the tracking collar on your cat, take steps to ensure that the collar is functioning properly. The tracking collar is powered by batteries which enable it to transmit a signal. Turn it on to make certain the batteries are working and test both the collar and tracking device to see it is receiving the signal. Wotj a collar tracking device you can determine the programmable safe areas where your cat should be, so test those areas for signal reception.

Radio Frequency Tracking Collars

If you purchase a cat collar that operates on radio frequency, the ability to locate the missing pet will not be as precise as a GPS longitude and latitude location system. In effect, the pet cat's location will be determined more upon the signal strength your locating device receives from the RF collar on your cat. A radio frequency collar tracking system has some advantages over a GPS system. For example, RF collar tracking systems don't rely upon satellite tracking, which may be a problem in woods or other areas where cell tower availability is a problem, according to the My Pet Tracking Collars website.

GPS Tracking Collars

GPS tracking collars for a cat owner can bring a certain amount of relief when the furry pet is missing. The GPS collar operates on a cellular satellite system which allows an owner pinpoint accuracy in determining the exact longitude and latitude of the missing pet. In fact, based upon the collar's technology, the chip can transmit the signal to the owner's base station, that you can access via the Internet. This degree of accessibility makes this collar tracking device an effective choice when you need to locate the missing cat quickly.

Tracking Collar Hybrid

Cat owners have another option when choosing the type of tracking collar they need for their pet. A hybrid tracking collar marries technology of a GPS collar and an RF hand-held receiver. When the GPS tracking collar receives longitude and latitude information, it transmits it to the RF hand-held receiver, according to the My Pet Tracking Collars GPS Radio Frequency Hybrid Collars website.

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