Catholic gifts for a 50th wedding anniversary

Updated February 21, 2017

Many Catholic couples may have a special Mass, prayers or a blessing said in honour of their 50th wedding anniversary inside or outside of the church building, followed by a reception or party. These special blessings happen on major anniversaries such as the 25th or the 50th anniversary. The traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary is a gift emphasising gold. Incorporating Catholicism and gold will make for a special gift celebrating the couple's 50th anniversary.

Gold Rosary

Most Catholics practice the rosary. Praying the rosary combines vocal and mental prayer dedicated to the mother of Christ, the virgin Mary. The rosary looks like a beaded necklace, but it is usually not worn. The rosary may be worn if done with respect and for the intention of saying prayers, not as a jewellery fashion accessory. The faithful holds the rosary beads in her hand and actively uses it rosary to count the beads, thus counting prayers said, during prayer time. A gold or gold-plated rosary is a beautiful way to commemorate the celebration of a Catholic couple's 50th wedding anniversary.

Gold Wall Cross

Wall crosses are available both representing the crucifixion of Christ or as an "empty" cross celebrating his resurrection. Wall crosses are both decorative and symbolic objects that are sold by many home decorating and novelty stores in many finishes and styles. A gold or gold-plated wall cross is a good 50th wedding anniversary gift for those of the Catholic faith. Consider a wall cross with custom engraving commemorating the date of the wedding anniversary, the name of the couple, and perhaps a scripture or poem.

Family Bible

A white leather family Bible embossed with gold lettering and gold-edged pages makes a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary gift for a Catholic couple. Choose a Bible with plenty of room for recording important dates, such as births, marriages and deaths. A couple married for 50 years shares a lot of important history that should be recorded for their family members. The Bible could be inscribed on the front blank flyleaf, also called an end page (the first blank page in the Bible) with a note, or supply this on a bookmark or in a card if you don't wish to write in the gift Bible. Bible bookstores, church supply stores and many online retailers offer beautifully bound leather family Bibles. Consider embossing the front with the name of the couple and their 50th wedding anniversary date.


If a couple has everything they need, sometimes receiving gifts seems excessive or, to some, embarrassing. A gift that helps others may be the way to go for this sort of couple. Consider donating money to a Catholic charity in the name of the couple or in honour of the couple's 50th wedding anniversary. Most charities will provide a certificate that you can present to the couple. Or purchase a bench, brick, fence post, stepping stone or whatever the donation program is using for the fundraiser and make the donation in the couple's name so their name will be personalised on the object.

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