Chocolate Carving Tools

Written by sarah trevino | 13/05/2017
Chocolate Carving Tools
The art of the chocolatier is made easier with proper equipment. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Carving chocolate is an art that is rewarding and delicious all in one. Having the right equipment is key to carving chocolate, and most equipment is inexpensive and easy to find. Technique, hand skill and flavour is important to a chocolatier, but having the correct equipment is essential to all of these elements, therefore making it the key ingredient in chocolate carving.

Wheel Cutters

Two different types of wheel cutters are used in chocolate carving: the single-wheel and the mutliwheel cutter. The single-wheel cutter has a bevelled blade that rotates and cuts as you move it along the chocolate. The multiwheel cutter is a rolling pin that has several blades along the shaft. It is useful in chocolate carving and candy making, as it creates evenly spaced lines to use as a guide.


Numerous knifes are used in chocolate carving, including baker's knives, chef's knives X-acto knives and paring knives. Not all knives are made equal, and each one has a different use and purpose in carving chocolates. The baker's knife is has a rounded tip and is used for creating curls in chocolates. The chef's knife is used for more abrasive means such as chopping, slicing and dicing chocolates. The X-acto knife is an intricate tool used for trimming minuscule parts of a chocolate. The paring knife is more durable and used for trimming and creating petal-like features on chocolates.


A guitar is used for cutting different chocolates as well as candies and pastries. It is an appliance that has "wires" which are attached to a pivoting frame. This frame slices through chocolates, creating perfect strips. Slicing a second time can create squares, rectangles or diamonds.

Enrobing Machine

An enrobing machine, otherwise known as a tempering machine, is used in mass production of chocolate carvings. This machine automatically melts the chocolate and keeps it at an ideal temperature for carving. It alternates between heating and cooling to achieve this perfect temperature.

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