Easy Homemade Gift Ideas and Birthday Presents for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Many people enjoy giving homemade birthday gifts because they provide a more personal touch to the gifting process. This is especially true when kids are involved, because they may receive a variety of toys from friends and family. A homemade birthday gift may stand out for a child in addition to being a less expensive way to give a memorable present.

Food Gifts

Few people can appreciate sweet treats like children. Homemade food gifts are a simple way to create a child's birthday gift that is specific to her likes. Homemade food gifts should be designed with the child in mind. For instance, an 8-year old boy who loves chocolate might like chocolate cupcakes with a Spiderman theme or other cartoon figure.

Cupcakes on a stick are a unique gift highlighted by the website Craft Stylish. These mini cupcakes are decorated, placed on sticks and wrapped in cellophane to give them a more festive gift appearance.


Many kids decorate their rooms with pictures of their friends or interesting vacations that they have been on. Pictures can be incorporated into a variety of homemade gifts. Take an old photo frame and stress it by rubbing a knife along the wood to give it a vintage look. The same frame could also be stripped and spray-painted a colour that the birthday girl likes, such as pink or purple. Then the frame can be adorned with rhinestones or other easy-to-glue-on decorations.

Scrapbooks are also fun homemade birthday gifts that can be made from old photo albums or other materials such as paper bags. Essentially scrapbooks are merely sheets bound together and then decorated with photos and other memorabilia. For the kid who loves camping, make a scrapbook with camping photos and pages cut from camp guidebooks. Add some quotes about nature and a few pressed leaves, and the camper-specific gift is finished.

Personalised Items

Many kids enjoy gifts that are personalised with their initials, name or nickname. The Martha Stewart Living website recommends easy felt-monogrammed wool items as homemade gifts for children. These gifts can be created with hats and mittens already owned or inexpensive items purchased from thrift stores. Initials can be easily cut from felt with a knife and a stencil and then sewn onto the hat or gloves.

Felt monograms can also be attached to photo albums, other clothing items and even backpacks.


Depending on the age of the birthday boy or girl, simple homemade toys may make suitable gifts. Sock monkeys are popular child's toys made from a few socks, buttons, stuffing and thread. Sock-monkey patterns can be found online free at the website Super Sock Monkey.

Terrycloth towels can also be turned into child's toys with the use of a sewing machine and a few other materials. Towels may be sewn into washcloth puppets for kids to use it the bath or shower. Combined with soap or homemade bubble bath, terrycloth puppets can make an appropriate addition to a bath-themed birthday gift.

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