Leaving Party Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Celebrating when family, friends and neighbours leave the area is a good way to say goodbye for now. Kids benefit from a goodbye party because it helps them accept and more easily adjust to the loss. Plan a happy going-away party by picking a theme, inviting guests, and decorating for the event. Children can help with age-appropriate party details like putting plates, silverware and cups on the buffet table or assisting with the placement of decorations.

Choose a Theme

Pick a theme for the party. Theme ideas may be based on the new location, something involving the guests of honour and their favourite games or venues, or something fun for everyone to enjoy. Broad themes such as a circus or carnival are a hit among those young and old. They offer a wide variety of options for decorating, food and activities. Choose a menu based on the party theme or neighbourhood favourites.

Invite Guests

Make a guest list. Invite family and friends to the fiesta. Purchase or create personalised invitations that coordinate with the party theme. Include important information such as date, location, time, RSVP and special requests. Special requests can be notes describing the theme, a request for guests to bring a dish for the buffet or wearing clothing or costumes based on the party theme. Invitations can be sent electronically through e-mail, through the post office, or personally handed out by the party planner.


Decorate the farewell party location to highlight the theme. Decorations can be homemade or found in stores and online. Place a colourful tablecloth on the food table. Display centrepieces on tables. Use streamers to mark off the party area, keeping guests where the party is while adding a special flare to the decor. Balloons also add a special touch and can provide extra colour and flare. Direction signs can be used as markers to help guests unfamiliar with the area make it to the party.

Helping Hands

Helping hands from children and other adults are always welcome when planning a party. Helpers can take some of the stress and responsibility off a single party planner. Ask family, friends and neighbours to volunteer their help with party planning. Assign kids simple jobs to do during party preparation. Cleaning up after the party is faster and easier when helping hands pitch in.

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